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Scroll down and meet the whole team and see their heartbeats through the camera lens!

Allen Rasnick
Certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer | Owner

Hello Everyone!

It all started with a five-year-old little curly headed boy who loved the outdoors and was fascinated by all animals, especially horses. I worried my parents until they bought me my first pony.  He was a small, unbroken Shetland stallion pony: we named him Diablo, which means devil in Spanish! He struck both fear and excitement in my heart! He was the first of two ponies I had as a child.  As I grew older we moved a lot and we didn’t always have room for horses or ponies.

My first goal as an adult was to have my own home and land for horses. The passion for horses burned in my heart and I wanted to take it to the next level.  In 1992 I began starting horses for other people and worked with a local trainer for a short time.  I started reading books and watching videos to teach myself at a deeper level. Through my studies, one trainer always stood out to me, John Lyons.  I was very impressed with his humane training and abilities with natural horsemanship. So, in 1994 I sold my home to pay for the apprenticeship program and off to Colorado I went!  This was a dream I thought would never come true.  The program was intense, enlightening, and life changing! Years later I have worked with hundreds of horses, owners and Universities all over the eastern United States.

I want to thank God for making all this possible. My lovely wife, Tiphanie, that helps direct my path and loves me for who I am. John Lyons who changed my life years ago and showed me a better way to see the horse and rider. My goal is to give the horse community what John Lyons gave me.

General Manager | Owner

Hello Yall!


My name is Tiphanie Rasnick and I am married to Allen.  Our Faith in Christ and Family is our main priority in life!  Our homestead is in Catawba, VA with three generations of family under one roof.  God has blessed Allen and myself with two daughters, two sons, one grandson and two daughter-in-law’s who we love and adore very much!  Our four-legged family includes horses and dogs along with chickens and soon to be pet tortoise.

My story is a long one but in short, I would love to share a little bit about who I am and why we do what we do at Little Creek Corral.  I have always had horses in my blood since I was a little girl.  Just like Allen I had my first pony when I was five.  He was a black and white paint Shetland Pony, named Brandy.  Since then I have owned several horses and have grown a deep love for them.  I am walking living proof that a horse and the Lord can change the course of your life for the better! 

Along with my past professional career and the love of horses makes me a great match to manage Little Creek Corral. We are excited about our future and making a difference in the lives of horses and their owners!

Allen Rasnick

Certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer

Photographer | Owner of Tricia Louque Photography


Hi! I'm Tricia Louque, photographer of Tricia Louque Photography. The life of a photographer may sound glamorous, but in reality, I'm just a country girl with a love of all things natural. When I picked up my first camera, I remember the sensation of becoming myself. Finally, I had a medium to transcribe the beauty I felt in my heart for this amazing, magnificent world.  Since that day, I have not looked back. I travel to find inspiration and love creating unique artistic images for fine prints. Whether it is equine, landscape, or portraits, I want to tell the story in imagery. My motto is, "Capturing Life's Natural Spirit!" and it is consistently my goal.

However, photography hasn't always been my art form. I have a Master's Degree in Business with a Marketing concentration and have spent most of my professional life performing graphic design and creating communications strategies for small business owners. And I love it! However, I see the world differently from behind a lens and it excites me. On a personal note, I am a passionate horse owner. My herd is part of my family and capturing their beauty is a constant love of mine. Most importantly, I am the proud Mommy of two amazing children, Madeline and Sullivan. They consistently serve as my inspiration and my first book will be dedicated to their unwavering love in my life. 

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